Sitka Sister-Deirdre Mc Loughlin

Deirdre McLoughlin

Het keramische werk van Deirdre McLoughlin is sculpturaal te noemen. Zacht glooiende vormen die aanvankelijk vrij gesloten, maar de laatste jaren heel open van karakter zijn. Alsof de klei ter plaatse de lucht omsluit maar deze toch voldoende uitweg biedt.
Piet Augustijn, Criticus

Sculpture offers double pleasure, visual and tactile, seeing and feeling. The advantage of owning a piece is that one may touch, handle, fondle it without incurring the wrath of a gal- lery invigilator, enjoying the hard, the soft, the rough, the smooth. This is especially true of Deirdre McLoughlin’s wonderful ceramics. They allude to the human form, even if they ap- pear abstract, the breast, the buttock, the thigh, the waist and the smooth silkiness of skin, the taut hardness of muscle. They are sensuous, certainly! They are erotic too, a pleasure to behold, sheer delight to touch, to handle, to cradle.

Frank Buckley, Collector

Title: Sitka Sister
Photographer: Rob Bohle
Size: H 30 cm
Year: 2016