eva van kempen

Eva van Kempen

Eva van Kempen (November 30, 1976) is a Dutch goldsmith – designer, whose earlier work consists of merely traditional goldsmithing techniques, such as filigree, wax carving and embossing. Nature, indigenous jewellery and Art Nouveau clearly influence her elegant and refined designs.

Her recent work and source of inspiration, however, is anything but traditional. The content finds its origin in a chemotherapy she had to undergo. That was when she discovered the value and beauty of medical tools such as hypodermic needles and intravenous lines. Her jewellery line “LifeLines” is made from safe hospital waste. In 2015 her ode to hospital materials resulted in a solo-exhibition in AMC, the hospital where she used to be a patient. Ever since LifeLines jewellery has been on show in hospitals, medical institutions and galleries both nationally and internationally. 


Piece: Medication Port, 2015
Medication ports, fresh water pearls, imitation blood coral, silver, traditionally handtied with silk
Photo by: Hugo Rompa
From series: LifeLines
Necklace, back- and shoulder jewel