Sander Blom

Utrecht, 1963.

Graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 1993 (documentary making).

Produced various shorts and mid-length films (some in collaboration with visual artist Mels van Zutphen) dealing with science, memory, observation and truth. In these, the boundary between the real and the not really real is explored. Topics adressed, amongst many others: whether being in the proximity of Loch Ness or Lourdes makes one more susceptible to ‘seeing things’ ; how to appease a volcano; how to know what a dying rat saw, and how Georgian men fire rifles in the air.

In his first feature, Ataraxia | Poodle Shaving for the Blind (2012), we are given manuals to life, using the wildly varying idioms of documentary, animation, fiction and reconstruction, travelling Vietnam, Derbyshire, Papua New Guinea and Schiedam.

Sander Blom has been teaching all things about film for over fifteen years. 2012 he joined the educational team at the Master of Film in Amsterdam, NL