sytze roos

Sytze Roos

Sytze Roos has woven for more than fourty years. He had his first training at the cultic site of Sa╠łtergla╠łntan in Sweden, where the people of the crafts, from handicrafts to trade guilds, met and still meet in dialoge about the very fact of being part of a cultural landscape that is wholly dependent on relevant meeting and learning places. With his own craft Sytze Roos has explored his limits – human, textile and artistic. Irrespective of the passing waves of fashion and style -trends and snobberies- that have drawn the contours of the textile idiom in his time, he has intuitivily chosen to follow a particular path.

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Quitly he built up an awareness that he must search for something more then craftmenship and the culture-born tradition within a single area. Slowly, by inscrutable paths, the contours of a spiritual brotherhood emerged. Kasimir Malevitsch formed a starting-point. Three fixed points of reference made good sense in terms of the studies to which Sytze Roos himself turned : the influence of an original paesent culture, stringency in the use of colours and the exploration of a rigorous constructivism softened by the textile material.